RE Beverages is a craft non-alcoholic beverage company. The name RE is derived from the powerful prefix that introduces the elements that inspire our natural beverage products.  RE also symbolises repetition and our commitment to consistently deliver quality natural beverages and reliable service.

We continuously nourish our knowledge about water,  beverages and packaging to create natural and sustainable beverage products like no other. The size of our business gives us the agility to respond to customers and trends and effectively develop new product solutions.

Our mission is to inspire people to drink natural beverages and provide innovative products fit for every occasion.




Our spring water is sourced at a perennial spring located on Paardeberg mountain outside Paarl. The water gradually absorbs minerals and is naturally filtered during its journey through the cracks in the granite rock.

The amount of minerals in water is expressed as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). Our water has a TDS of 190, which is regarded by many as virtually ideal – high enough to provide a great mouth-feel, but not to high to overwhelm your tastebuds. With a pH of 7.1 our water is one of the few bottled waters in South Africa that is neutral on the pH scale and close to the pH of 7.4 that your body prefers.

Our water’s terroir provides the unique minerality and pH combination that produce a crisp, full and refreshing taste.



We pride ourselves on having one of the most hygienic bottling facilities in the country. Our bottling facility consists of various sterile zones that control the exposure of the bottling to possible contamination, with final filling in a 100% clean room.

Our team has more than 20 years of bottling experience and are specialists when it comes to bottling premium spring water. We apply strict batch control and regular product testing to maintain stringent quality control.

 We assist our customers to transition from a linear to a circular economy through effective partnerships and education. Our production operation is completely sustainable and is powered entirely by solar energy.


Premium Spring Water Range

CAPE KAROO is our premium spring water range. Inspired by the serenity of the Karoo landscape and the bright stars of its night sky, our distinctive “curved” bottle with its clean glass like finish truly captures the character of this unique South African landmark. Decorated with our signature CAPE KAROO stars, every bottle contains a bit of the Karoo night sky. CAPE KAROO makes a statement on every table and elevates every occasion. This is the standard of premium spring water.

CAPE KAROO spring water complements the character and flavour of food and emphasise wines and other beverages. Whether you enjoy the balanced mineralisation just with our still water or with the fine carbonation in our sparkling water,  CAPE KAROO is the ideal companion with any meal and for every occasion.

CAPE KAROO is the original South African premium spring water and is exclusively sold only to premium venues in the hospitality market. Available in our 500ml and 1L curve PET bottles in either natural still or with our soft and gentle carbonation that provide a perfectly balanced sparkling. This is distinction in a bottle.

Sourced from the Cape. Inspired by the Karoo.


Classic Spring Water Range

Cape Crystal is our classic everyday spring water range that makes our top-quality water available in upmarket value packaging that is ideal for whether you’re at work, exercising, on the go, or entertaining at home.

The average person should drink 2l of water per day. The Cape Crystal blend of natural minerals does not only provide a refreshing taste but also supplements the body with essential minerals such as Calcium, Sodium, and Potassium, making it the ideal water for daily hydration.

Both our still and sparkling products are bottled in petaloid base PET bottles that create a more high-end look and provide extra bottle strength. The unique two-tone Cape mountains inspired label captures the nostalgia of the Cape as the original Southern Africa trading post and creates a classic and unique look.

The Cape Crystal range is currently available in 500ml and 1.5L, Still and Sparkling. Our 500ml bottles are packed in six-pack inner case and four cases in an outer shrink and 1.5L case is double wrapped for extra handling support and protection.

Top-quality spring water in upmarket value packaging.


Private Label & Branded

Corporate and retail customers that partner with us to bottle their private label water are ensured of a trusted partner that will provide you with innovative product design input, premium water quality, a Paarl “bottled at source” brand story and our reliable service.

Branded bottled water allows you to communicate your brand message to customers. A personalised bottle of water is your company’s handheld billboard — a way to leave a lasting impression and elevate your brand. Pair our top-quality spring water with your packaging design and brand to create a premium branding tool for your business.

We support you from your design idea to delivery of the finished product. This includes We assistance with selecting from a range of PET bottle shapes, sizes and weights, choosing the colour, type and size of closure options and deciding on secondary packaging from printed cartons, carton trays to shrink wrap. The decoration of the bottle is the primary opportunity to personalise your product, and we will help you to select between wraparound labels, self-adhesive labels and screen-printing options. At the end you will have a tailor-made solution that match your quality, volumes and price point requirements.

Our private label bottled water looks better, tastes better and sells better.