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Cape Crystal

Cape Crystal is our classic everyday spring water range that makes our top-quality water available in upmarket value packaging that is ideal for whether you’re at work, exercising, on the go, or entertaining at home.

The average person should drink 2l of water per day. The Cape Crystal blend of natural minerals does not only provide a refreshing taste but also supplements the body with essential minerals such as Calcium, Sodium and Potassium, making it the ideal water for daily hydration.

Both our still and sparkling products are bottled in petaloid base PET bottles that create a more high-end look and provide extra bottle strength. The unique two-tone Cape mountains inspired label captures the nostalgia of the Cape as the original Southern Africa trading post and creates a classic and unique look.

The Cape Crystal 500ml bottle is ideal for the person on the go, whether you do sports, going to school or hydrating at work. Our 1.5L bottle is our most versatile size that is easy to pour and the perfect size to keep water cold in the fridge or for the weekend away.

Cape Crystal Range


Available in our 500ml and 1.5L PET bottles in either still or sparkling.

500ml pack of 24 ( 4 x 6 packs) and 1.5L pack of 12