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Cape Karoo

CAPE KAROO is our premium spring water range.

Inspired by the serenity of the Karoo landscape and the bright stars of its night sky, our iconic “curved” bottle with its clean lines and glass like finish truly captures the character of this unique South African landmark. With its striking angles, elegant silhouette and intricate embossing we have pushed the limits of bottle design and together with screen-printed artwork created the most stunning bottle in the market that makes a statement on every table.

Packed in our authentic Karoo inspired printed cartons, CAPE KAROO stands out even before the first bottle is served. The cartons do not only play an aesthetic role but more importantly preserve the freshness of the water by protecting it from direct sunlight during its journey from source to table.

CAPE KAROO is the original South African spring water and is exclusively sold to venues in the hospitality market. The brand heritage, market exclusivity, premium look and superior spring water puts CAPE KAROO in a class of its own. This is the standard of premium spring water.

Sourced from the Cape. Inspired by the Karoo

Cape Karoo Range


Available in our 500ml and 1L curve PET bottles in either still or sparkling.

500ml carton of 24 and 1L carton of 12